Gators Diamond™ Ceramic Transitional Polishing Pad

The Gators Diamond™ ceramic transitional polishing pad is designed for removing coarse scratches from an earlier metal bond stage, promoting faster surface closure and transition into resin tool polishing.

Nothing compares to our ceramic tools for productivity and quality of finish, they cut fast and consistently. As you can see from the photos, our ceramic pads are packed to the brim with premium diamond and ceramic abrasives.

The Gators Diamond™ ceramic transitional polishing pad is guaranteed To OUTPERFORM any ceramic transitional diamond tooling on the market.

Our key team members have more than 30 years of combined real job experience as diamond grinding and concrete polishing contractors. We know the process, we know all the equipment, we know the pros and cons of all current diamond tooling, We know what you, as a customer, really need.
We don’t sell machines, we don’t sell chemicals, We have been focus on developing and manufacturing the best diamond tooling for the grinding and polishing industry since the very beginning, which makes us the true expert in the field.
Our R&D team includes scientists with Ph.D. and Master degrees, engineers with Professional Engineer license and talented production manager with years of manufacturing experiences. We also work with scientists from the Material Science Department at University of Central Florida to improve and test our products.