Gators Diamond ™ – The Next Generation Diamond Tooling

Lasts 2X Longer, Costs the Same

Gators Diamond ™ was born out of years of experience in the commercial floor preparation and polishing industry. While the tools used got the job done, they didn’t get the job done well. We decided that wasn’t good enough, and teamed up with scientists from Material Science Department and NanoScience Technology Center at University of Central Florida to find a better way.

Our research team was charged with one goal: create a tool that did a better job, lasted longer, and could be produced at a reasonable price.

We have turned the results of the research — and extensive testing by our team of affiliated polished concrete contractors — into Gators Diamond ™.

Gators Diamond ™ is not just another diamond tooling. It’s a revolutionary development in concrete polishing. For the same price as your current tooling, you can get a Gators Diamond ™ that will do a better job and last twice as long.

The secret starts with using a higher quality diamond with a unique composite metal matrix and specially designed bonding structures. That’s a complicated way of saying we found the best, most cost-effective diamonds we could find and mixed them into a substance that was specially designed to stand up to the rigors of polishing concrete better than anything has before.

At Polishing Tech, we are committed to three things. We have already produced the best concrete polishing tools on the market. We’re committed to continuous improvement, so if anyone creates a better tool than our Gators Diamond ™, it’s going to be us. We’re also absolutely dedicated to customer service, so if anything ever goes wrong with an order, we’ll resolve it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We’ve built a great tool. If you’re in the industry, we’d love for you to give it a shot.

Dr. Tony Guan Ph.D., P.E.
Co-founder, Polishing Tech

Gators Diamond