Gators Diamond™ – The Next Generation Diamond Tooling

Lasts 2X Longer, Costs the Same

Metal Bond Diamond Tooling

High performance Gators Diamond™ metal bond grinding segments designed and built with the Next Generation Concrete Polishing Technologies for unbelievable endurance and performance.

  • Combination of superior diamonds and an extremely durable and unique matrix
  • Unique bonding structures for excellent holding characteristics
  • Proprietary composite metal structures that can handle interrupted cuts without bond breakdown or wear
  • Special designs allowing for low maintenance during high production runs
  • Lasts much longer than competitive products
  • Amazing results on most types of concrete from soft to very hard. Yields a superior concrete floor surface that is ready for polishing or coating

Gators Diamond™ Fits Your Machine’s Change System!

Gators Diamond™ supports all major floor grinding machines!


What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

We put customer service at the top of our list. Try our Gators Diamond™, you will not only see the amazing performance and endurance of our product but also our first-class customer service.