Gators Diamond™ PCD Diamond Products

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) is diamond grit that has been fused together under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions in the presence of a catalytic metal. PCD diamond particles are ultra rough and have three times the surface area of mono crystalline particles

Our specially formulated Gators Diamond™ PCD diamond scraper inserts ensure maximum wear and productivity for aggressive removal of extremely thick coatings, adhesives and screeds.

Gators Diamond™ PCD cup wheels are highly effective for removal of various coatings such as epoxy, glue, Kemper, waterproofing, mastic, acrylic, residues of adhesives and screed etc. These cups are not just “grind” away material. The grinding action, while great for smoothing out and removing concrete or mortar, is not ideal for removal of mastic, glue, or other elastomer coatings.  Traditional grinding wheels get hot, gum up, and get real messy when trying to remove rubberized products. Gators Diamond™ PCD cup wheels’ unique design allow it to “SHAVE” away elastomer products and does it better then any other product on the market today.

Best Support Around

We put customer service at the top of our list. Try our Gators Diamond™, you will not only see the amazing performance and endurance of our product but also our first-class customer service.